Having distinctive and consistent typography helps to make your brand stand out. Think about brands like Apple or Ikea, that are very consistent with the way they present themselves, even down to the font used in their marketing materials. This helps to bring a unique feel and personality to the brand. Think of it like handwriting. You can always distinguish your mom’s handwriting from your dad’s, or your brother’s from your sister’s. Each person’s handwriting is unique to them, and telling of their personality. Even if your sister’s handwriting was similar to someone else’s, it still is an important part of what makes her, her.

Keep in mind it’s also important not to jump on typography bandwagons as a brand. Not every popular font is right for you or your story. I recently rebranded a nonprofit, who had been using the same brand elements for 10 years without evolving with the times. Although consistency is important, their original look was not strong enough to continue, and their mission and values had since evolved dramatically. Their typography, however, was a great fit for who their brand was, and was timeless enough to evolve with them. I urged them to keep their current typography because it worked. It fit with their storyline, and was a hint of familiarity to their audience when we did finally reveal the new look.

The ultimate purpose for typography isn’t about looking nice, it’s about conveying messages. Not just any messages, YOUR messages. This is your story, and your chosen font should reflect that. Here are some things to consider when choosing a font for your brand:

  • Is it functional for my current industry (are you a store, website, restaurant, etc.)?
  • Is it translatable between different platforms (print, web, etc.)?
  • Is it expressive and flexible enough for my intended usage?
  • Is it clear and legible so my messages won’t be missed?


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