Choosing the color scheme that best represents your brand may seem like a simple task, but the reality is, that colors play a huge role in how your audience perceives you. There is a whole psychology behind how colors play in the mind, and how they can create emotional responses within humans. While these perceptions vary from person to person it’s good to consider the connection between colors and perception before choosing your brand’s color scheme.

Warm Colors

  • Red
    • Can represent excitement, power, passion, lust/ love, danger, anger, aggression, and pain
    • High level emotional color
    • Can increase blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism, and increase appetite
    • Can trigger a feeling of urgency and quick decision making
  • Orange
    • Can represent courage, warmth, energy, friendliness, creativity, determination, and stimulation
    • Used a lot in food packaging
    • Can increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and stimulate the mind
    • Attractive to younger people
  • Yellow
    • Can represent hope, warmth, energy, friendliness, spontaneity, happiness/ joy,
    • Can be used to attract attention
    • If overused, it can cause anxiety


Cool Colors

  • Green
    • Can represent growth, health, hope, peace, freshness, relaxation, harmony, and fertility
    • Can create a feeling of harmony between the mind and body
    • Can evoke a feeling of safety, tranquility, and healing
  • Blue
    • Can represent respect, trust, loyalty, confidence, wisdom, intelligence, faith, and truth
    • Used a lot in the tech world
    • Has been used as an appetite suppressant, and stimulate productivity
    • Prefered by males
  • Purple
    • Can represent royalty, luxury, wisdom, wealth, sophistication, dignity, creativity, and magic
    • Prefered by children
    • Used a lot in the toy world


Other Colors

  • Pink
    • Can represent creativity, imagination, innovation, nonconformity, passion, and compulsion
  • Brown
    • Can represent seriousness, warmth, boredom, earthiness, authenticity, sadness, and conservativeness
  • Black
    • Can represent power, formality, elegance, sophistication, fear, death, and sadness
  • Grey
    • Can represent gloominess, calm, serenity, timeliness, reliability, strength, balance, and neutrality
  • White
    • Can represent cleanliness, purity, emptiness, simplicity, coldness, freshness, and clarity


Color references:  

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