When putting together the details of a company’s brand, a designer needs to know and understand the details of that company’s vision. This grand, and well articulated vision must come from the company’s top leadership.

Every entity, whether big or small, new or experienced, non-profit, for profit or church has a visionary leader. This person is usually the founder, or the person hired to set the vision of the founder in motion. This is the person who knows how to describe the ins and outs of the business and articulate the goals and missions with passion and vigor. Apple would not be what it is today, without the visionary leadership of Steve Jobs, and the designers at Apple would not have been able to create such a compelling brand without the direction of his detailed vision.

For designers, the importance of working with a strong visionary leader is imperative in helping to build a strong brand, because strong vision of who the company is, and where the company is going should be the brand foundation. This helps to inform the designer how to accurately portray the company and insure their brand remains original, position them for growth, and help to build a lasting brand that is not fad or trend based, but that is authentic and can withstand the test of time.


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