Taglines are short descriptive statements, often evoking the spirit of who your brand is, what it does, and what its values are. Taglines are designed to connect your audience to your brand on an emotional level. It’s the brand’s opportunity to set itself apart and let the consumer know why your brand is worth it. Taglines help rally the audience around the brand’s vision and calls them to action. If each brand were a warrior tribe, the tagline would be their battle cry.

Take Nike, for example. Nike has a strong logo with deep meaning, making it an easy brand for audiences to rally behind, but their tagline is powerful.

Just Do It.

It’s simple, short and sweet, and is a strong call to action, making it perfect from a marketing standpoint. But, for consumers who are die-hard Nike people, this tagline is their mantra and way of life. Every time they slip on a pair of Nike’s they feel empowered, like they can ‘just do it,’ like they can do anything. That is a huge win for Nike. They’ve successfully connected their audience to their brand on a deep and personal level. Furthermore the cultural connection across marketing is so strong that even non-Nike wearing people believe in its power. 

When creating a tagline for yourself answer these simple questions:

  • Does my tagline directly relate to my services or the audience we intend to serve?
  • Does my tagline highlight my values?
  • Is my tagline an action phrase?
  • Is my tagline something others can rally behind or could be used as a personal mantra for my audience?

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